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But now listen to what she said Hui child has suffered abuse during his lifetime, he immediately was so uncomfortable, "Do not think you will be able to clear himself thirty-two nonsense, child benefit if you are victimized, why the day you tried to escape? " The last thing is the evening among the original idea, from the twenty-first century, she has to explain unclear. small negative adult care, those wounds . Heard, but did not expose the evening among the expected relaxed look, but frowned, apparently not satisfied with this answer. wholesale New Orleans Saints jerseys free shipping so now, I can eluting suspects yet, seven princes? " Feng Yu looked up, eye color gloomy, "If not you, who also set to benefit children to death?" Evening among shrugged, "these, it is necessary to check the Queen people!" Zhangcheng Ying frowned, originally just an ordinary murder together, it seems, things did not seem so simple surface, it seems more and more tricky . wholesale New Orleans Saints jerseys

" is indeed the truth, but the benefits of children are his, but Oibara autopsy, she died with this, I could not bear to see her he suffered another cut in pieces? Feng Yu Feng got up and went before the coffin looking Che, "for whatever reason, the king never agree!" Fung Che frowned, "the cause of death did not know how to settle a lawsuit? This affair has alarmed the Fu Huang, a concubine because you spin such an extent already unhappy Fu Huang, if not faster understanding of the case, the North Hou I'm afraid there will be government rhetoric, you finally hard to today, do you want a woman to lose the Sacred heart? " The words straight to the point." mad masterpiece Princess: belly black Xiewang busy chasing Wife "Niangqin did not kill anyone, Niangqin now is to do something to prove his innocence, meaning children obediently listen to the words of Tao aunt!" "Hurry up, the king did not so much patience!" Aside after seven princes apparently impatient, drew on a vertical Mouguang Italian children gave a wink, meaning small child who was exceptionally sensible, there is something important to know Niangqin busy obediently release drew on, walked away Tao aunt There." Xiang Wan hesitated to go? I saw Feng Che was directly downstairs, looked behind Zhangcheng Ying Xiang Wan look, see who looks like a few words, paused, and just up.

" Zhangcheng Ying in words how much sort of sigh, maybe it is the evening among the illusion that he felt a bit faint solicit intended. wholesale New Orleans Saints jerseys If I infer not mistaken, this when the doctor left Haishi third wife courtyard, garden pathway, saw two beautiful lady alone in the garden of depression sad, when even played a color center, waiting for an opportunity to talk with the front, close to the second wife, up to no good." Da people hesitate to see the phoenix Che, two thousand two hundred is not a small sum, enough for a seven items magistrate a year's salary, and this woman, really is a big opening! Feng Che is a faint smile, "The king plus two thousand, and the same yesterday, to identify the case, how?" Zhangcheng Ying suddenly look up some weird, looked Fung Che look, see Fung Che looks the same, he will stand perpendicular to the side, did not speak.