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" Aside from the beginning to now almost Cherishing such as gold Fung Che finally spoke, he slowly came to walk a few steps in front of the evening, when "even if you leave the seven palace, you still Houfu nine Miss, have this identity, how do you get out? " Get out? She needs to get out of it? "I am a married daughter, who had not Houfu, now abandoned and divorced, my father is not necessarily wait to see me, in that case, why do not I self-reliance, living for pleasure?" "Self-reliance?" Feng Che Mouzhong revealed a thin smile, may inadvertently glanced at the side of a Zhangcheng Ying. wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys free shipping This efficiency Jingzhao prefect's really not an ordinary high, be ready in such a short time she wanted something, though they are substitutes, but has been very difficult. Yes ah, before the trial, but a trial of strength this evening among cry, just self-pot of cold water poured wake up, at the moment not only cry, but also Shenqingziruo, stir the capital can face three earthshaking somebody actually eyelids children are blinking, and just look to see when the second wife. Astrology Girls: idle Royal Highness Princess Chang Chong "Italian children do not cry, hey Niangqin still in it!" A soft heart, this child to see the faces of clothing will know life is not good, only such a small child really make people feel bad. She took a breath, raised a smile, this open courtyard. wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys from china

Huadu kendo master Then Xiang Wan Road, "the crime scene earlier princes have seen, there is no trace of fighting struggle, and this is some people that after the card is what I suspect is the reason. Feng Che especially in the evening among the body up and down a pair of eye sweep a circle, then suddenly Mouguang glance look to the side of Zhangcheng Ying laughed, "It seems that the original three days to solve the case, today can be broken. Jingzhao prefect from seven small palace just half an hour, the carriage soon stopped in front of the palace Qi evening among out from the car, has just landed feet, then lunged face a child holding her leg high call the "Niangqin" piercing cry. But see only the surface of the eyelids, want to know in the end is suicide or homicide, we have a deeper examination.

She held out her hand to check carefully, when you see that a pair of bare feet bruising toes, her eyes meal, a moment later saw the white cloth cover is good to start with the tools to take post-mortem. wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys as to the second, it is probably in order to conceal a fact that should be the second wife is the real cause of death. As long as the money, she understand medicine, her injuries healed easy! Feng Che smiling toward the body side Zhangcheng Ying held out his hand, pulled out a gold Zhangcheng Ying immediately put his hands from the sleeve, saw the evening among the gold themselves. wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys Genteel, but a very dangerous man! With evening among just want him to leave the palace, after the As, it is absolutely farther from the royal person, the better! "Thank you, the three princes to keep its promise to help the evening among a palace!" On the scene, then it needs to polite about it, lest they take advantage of people feel him! Unexpectedly, the man is lifted brow, "Oh," a cry, lips hold in the mouth a smile, "how a Shefa?" Gourmet count Shefa? Xie also how a law? Favors fragmentation? She did not want to just left of the tiger's den and plunged into a wolf in bed! Lift the evening among Mouguang look at him, suddenly thrust out his hand to remove the cup on the table and poured himself a cup of tea Road, "That tea instead of wine, a glass of good princes King!" Such Shefa obviously not satisfactory, because Fung Che after hearing these words on the lips smile suddenly deep dash.