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"fingertip stop in the evening among the internal organs on continued, "the spleen is an organ of human blood storage, shrinkage will occur in vivo hypoxic release blood circulation to participate, it will collapse into a state, which is a manifestation of suffocation. He drew on his face suddenly darker, and stepped directly ready to leave: "I quit!" Fung Che look the same, just looked at her back, "You can see the king donated your priceless piece of jade?" "Who cares?" Xiang Wan removed directly from the waist piece of jade phoenix fire at him still in the past, "wants you back!" Jade phoenix fly Che arms, he held out his hand to catch, slender fingers gently rubbing Phoenix tattoo on jade, light laughs, "You know how many people want to have the capital piece of jade are not? you girl, but see it as a hot potato. Fall in love with Japan TFBOYS Qianxue three daughter Zhangcheng Ying Mouzhong now have full admiration of color, "the girl just to be able to come to an autopsy so many clues, it is astonishing to admire!" Evening among the faint eyebrow, took out a needle and thread to mend the bodies began her fast and accurate way, quickly sew organs. New Orleans Saints jerseys free shipping Thinking about this man really is the royal rogue individual, not just her but also promised to be good? See the evening among the ugly face, the side of the road Jingzhao prefect hastened to smooth things over, "Four Lady, though you eluting suspects, but now the case is complex, you really do not fit to leave, if not, and so after the end of the case you have to leave again not later. Heard, but did not expose the evening among the expected relaxed look, but frowned, apparently not satisfied with this answer. wholesale New Orleans Saints jerseys for sale

girl to the autopsy special means, please help the girl, if things are that the government has given weight thanks! " Re-bloom? Xiang Wan raised an eyebrow. cheap New Orleans Saints jerseys online "Boldly to s! In the end how the poison Yin Shi, come quickly summoned!" Gavel heavy blow in the classroom, uttered a deafening ring, suddenly runners on both sides have issued a "mighty" sound, one face vicious, like Usually people want to cut in pieces. New Orleans Saints jerseys from china indeed caused death, so . As long as the money, she understand medicine, her injuries healed easy! Feng Che smiling toward the body side Zhangcheng Ying held out his hand, pulled out a gold Zhangcheng Ying immediately put his hands from the sleeve, saw the evening among the gold themselves.

" bimonthly Night Good Times If not finished, Suddenly looked up and saw a man in front smiling evening among the head "boom" is heard, mouth curse words could not come out, just to escape their passion at the moment disappeared, seems like a deflated balloon , to say a word. "Sunrise, can not rude. Finally checked evening among put down the knife, and looked to the three behind him, to see three different face at the moment, she raised his lips, side-opening step, exposing the inside of the body, slowly, "the deceased died the day before yesterday Haishi moment to between a quarter to three, cause of death was suffocation, but not drowning, she is to be his nose and mouth, suffocated alive.