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Preschool Photography

Preschool Photography

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than capturing a smile on a child’s face and creating a beautiful portrait.  Portrait day may be viewed as a hassle for some schools, but that is where my experience as a preschool photographer comes in to play.

Having photographed preschools for the past 7 years, I have the knowledge to successfully manage the day.

As a professional photographer, I have the skills to capture an expression.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I have the patience and training to relate to children.

As a mom, I have the compassion to treat each child with care and make it a fun, memorable experience.

As a business owner, I have the flexibility to work with each school and tailor a portrait day to suit your individual needs.

And, We offer reasonable portrait packages and staff discounts.

Please email me @ or call me 678-977-1017, if you would like more information.